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Pallet Recycling - Kindlet Machine - Awa Pallets
The ethos of Awa Pallets in all of its operations is to protect the environment.
We operate a 'No Waste Promise' , any pallets we purchase which cannot be repaired and are no longer 'fit for purpose' as reusable pallets are recycled into Kinding Wood via our Kindlet
Machine. Alternative by products for the recyled materials include Cattle Bedding and uses within the Furniture Industry.

These first 2 videos show the recycling of old pallets. Reconditioning them. This results in cheaper wood as it is all recycled, which leads to less expensive prices for our pallets. It is also environmentally friendly as it saves landfill.

Scrap ends go to be made into Kindling in our Kindling Machine

European Pallets are resized and made into Pallets for use in the UK. The blocks are sold as firewood.

In summary the reason our Pallets are much cheaper than our competitors is due to the fact all our materials are recycled and NOT NEW !

All Pallets, Kindling products and Firewood manufactured by AWA Pallets is from recycled pallets we NEVER use real trees.

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